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Kaskade magazine

Kaskade magazine presents tips, news, interviews, reviews, and more, with a European perspective on juggling and circus arts. Each issue is bilingual (German and English), and printed in Germany 4 times per year.

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Kaskade magazine #91: Underwater Unicycling Kaskade Magazine #91
Underwater unicycling, British Juggling Convention '08, Nairobi arts school, Origamicon, Dutch Juggling Championships 2008, Vienna juggling festival, Munich unicycling convention, "The Time Beween," Circus Maniacs school, using Jim's Three Count and Mild Madness in formations, Street performing tips and quiz by Bob Carr, Boston Mess siteswaps

Kaskade magazine #90: Get the Shoe Kaskade Magazine #90
Cover: Get the Shoe. Features: Cirque de Demain, Morgan Cosquer, Dancing Palladacycles, Turbo Fest Quebec, "Downfall" Gandini Juggling Project, Origins of L'Institut de Jonglage, Monte Carlo Circus Festival, Get the Shoe, Table juggling, Combat

video of Get the Shoe

Kaskade magazine #89: Thomas Dietz Kaskade Magazine #89
Cover: Thomas Dietz, Joelle Huguenin. Features: 531 Festival, One Room Ticket, Buenos Aires circus history, Huis Ten Bosch, SOLyCIRCO, Circus Ocolmena, Huckelhoven Circus Festival, Junger Circus Europa

Kaskade magazine #88 Kaskade Magazine #88
EJC Athens, Stefan Sing -portrait, Melograno, Winston Salem IJA, Sequins and Sawdust, World Gymnastics Festival, Swiss Juggling Festival, Klagenfurt Convention, Hungarian Juggling Parade

Kaskade magazine #87 Kaskade Magazine #87
Shanghai Circus World, BJC 2007, Espresso - Circo Aereo & Les Objets Volants (Maksim Komaro, Denis Paumier, Antoni Klemm, Sanna Silvennoinen), International Youth Circus Festival, Distorted Passing Patterns, Rizoma

Kaskade magazine #86: Kris Kremo Kaskade Magazine #86
Kris Kremo, Cirque de Demain, Making of Trailblazers Women Who Juggle, Circomedia, Zagreb Circus Festival, Juggling in Turkey, Recipes for Group Passing

Kaskade magazine #84: IJA Portland Kaskade Magazine #84
Cirque du Soleil - Love, EJC Millstreet, IJA Portland, WJF 2006, Reg Bolton, Sergei Ignatov Workshop, Berlin State Circus School, Carvin Juggling Festival

Kaskade magazine #83: Priam Pierret Kaskade Magazine #83
Priam Pierret, BJC, Jerome Thomas portrait

Kaskade magazine #82: Dmitry Chernov Kaskade Magazine #82
Dmitry Chernov, Jerome Thomas Company, Cirque de Demain 2006, Jonglier, Katakomben

Kaskade magazine #81: Toon Schuermans Kaskade Magazine #81
Cirque Eloize, Toon Schuermans, Trinka Training (foot juggling)

Kaskade magazine #80: Dieter Tasso Kaskade Magazine #80
Dieter Tasso, EJC 2005

Kaskade magazine #77 Kaskade Magazine #77
European Youth Circus Festival 2004, Daniar Akhmetzianov

Kaskade magazine #75: Tr'espace Kaskade Magazine #75
Tr'espace, British Juggling Convention

Kaskade magazine #46 Kaskade Magazine #46
Summer 1997
Cirque de Demain, Happy Birthday IJA, Rodeo, Circus of Horrors
JUGGLE magazine
JUGGLE magazine has articles, interviews, and news from the world of juggling. Formerly Juggler's World, one can subscribe to a digital newsletter by joining the International Jugglers' Association. Selected back issues of JUGGLE are sometimes available here as well. JUGGLE is no longer published.

Juggle magazine JUGGLE Magazine: Jul/Aug '98
Visions of the future, Anthony Gatto, Olympic Club Swinging
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