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Rainbow Ribbon
Rainbow Ribbon Fun, colorful, and great for parades, or just to play around with. Stick included.

4.57m (15 ft) long (suitable length for all)


Amaya Training ribbon
Colors: White, pink, yellow, light blue, light green, red, orange, light green, fuchsia, blue, purple, black, silver, lilac, turquoise, cherry, lime green, gold

4m (13' 1.5"): $10
6m (19' 8.25"): $11

Amaya Competition ribbon
Amaya Competition RG ribbon Heavier than the training ribbon and made of more durable rayon/viscose.

Colors: White, pink, lemon, sky blue, light green, red, orange, army green, fuchsia, dark blue, purple, black, grey, lilac, turquoise, cherry, pistachio

4m (13' 1.5"): $16

6m (19' 8.25"): $19

Extra stick: $6

Ribbon Roller
Amaya Ribbon Roller

Amaya ribbon roller

Keep your rhythmic gymnastics ribbon in great shape with this winding storage device. Works with any length ribbon of standard width (approximately 5 cm or 2 in.). Just detach the ribbon from the stick, insert the end into the roller, and turn the crank.


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