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All Devil Sticks are priced with sticks included.
For extra handsticks, see the Devil Sticks & Flower Sticks page.
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Mister Babache Aluminum fire devil stick
Mister Babache fire devil stick The Mister Babache fire devil stick is a straight, light aluminum tube that is slower to change directions than a typical fire devil stick. This allows for a more relaxed, less flashy style, that feels more like a flower stick. This set includes a pair of black dube handsticks, although the center stick can be purchased without handsticks by subtracting the cost of the handsticks.

193 g (6.8 oz) / 71.1 cm (28 in.)

Dubé fire devil stick
Dubé fire devil stick The dube fire devil stick has a heavy, consistent feel that performs well in or out of the wind. When more energy is needed to use a devil stick, stability is increased in return, making this model a popular choice with professionals as well as hobbyists. This devil stick is constructed from tapered wood with aluminum tubing that is closed at each end to prevent fuel from dripping inside. A pair of black silicone coated handsticks are included. (White handsticks can be substituted, or the handsticks can be omitted for a $9 reduction.)

281.2 g (9.9 oz) / 66.7 cm (26.25 in.)

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