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The devil stick, like the diabolo, also hails from China, and shares the same word origin as "diabolo," meaning "to throw across." (According to The Diabolo Book, by Todd Strong.) By using the handsticks to catch and lift, the center stick can be made to stay in the air and spin through amazing combinations.

"Flower sticks" are the thin straight style with tassels or other objects at each end, which makes them slower and easier for beginners. "Devil sticks" have plain rubber-capped ends, and are tapered to be thinnest at the center. Devil sticks are used more often by performers, and usually have flashier decorations. A brief instruction sheet is available upon request.

Devil Stick Books and Videos.

Devil Sticks & Flower Sticks are priced with handsticks included.
Flower Sticks
Play Juggling Tulip Silicone coated flower sticks
Play Juggling Tulip Silicone coated flower stick set Flower sticks are ideal for beginners or anyone who likes a more relaxed style of stick play. By using a narrow, straight dowel and concentrating more of the weight at the ends, sticks with this design are slower to change direction compared to devil sticks. High-grip tubing in solid colors over a durable fiberglass core (handsticks have a wooden core). Made with silicone tassels.

Fluorescent orange, fluorescent yellow, or fluorescent green.

300 g (10.5 oz), 60 cm (23.5 in.)

Crystal Stix Superflight
Crystal Stix Superflight flowerstick Crystal Stix Superflight flower sticks feature high grip tubing over wild mixtures of hand painted colors. The center stick and handsticks are made of fiberglass for strength and flexibility and end pieces are made with vinyl tassels. Superflight handsticks have a little extra weight, which along with dipped ends provide extra control. These flowersticks have an unparalleled ease of use and pleasant feel.

378 g (13.3 oz) / 63.5 cm (25 in.)

Red/yellow/orange, fluo yellow, burgundy, light green, green, light aqua, aqua, sky blue, fuchsia, teal/purple, purple, blue/black, black, drizzle rainbow, splatter rainbow, jungle or reggae.

Devil Sticks
Dubé Helix devil stick
Dubé Helix devil stick The dube Helix devil stick is a top quality set in a simple colorful style. A solid maple core gives the center stick great durability and a nice weight, while the handsticks have grippy silicone tubing for control. Select from the menu below, or telephone to order a custom color combination.

284 g (10 oz) / 68.6 cm (27 in.)

Base: white, red, yellow, green, blue or black.
Tape: white, red, orange, yellow, lime green, aqua, purple, pink or black.

Todd Smith Mylar devil stick
Todd Smith Mylar devilstick Covered in refractive metallic mylar.

156.2 g (5.5 oz) / 65.4 cm (25.75 in.)

Purple, fuchsia, silver, green, red, blue, or glitter fuchsia

Dubé Laserdust devil stick
Dubé Laserdust devil stick The dube Laserdust devil stick has a solid, consistent feel, and a heavier weight for stability, suitable for use indoors or outside in the wind. Turned from solid maple, the prismatic Mylar decoration gives the Laserdust devil stick a lot of flash, especially under stage lighting. Priced with one pair of dube handsticks in white or black (white is standard).

284 g (10 oz) / 69.2 cm (27.25 in.)

Laserdust: silver, red, gold, green, aqua blue, blue, iridescent silver rainbow, mirror fuchsia or mirror purple.

Dubé Trigon devil stick
Dubé Trigon devil stick The dube Trigon devil stick has a solid, consistent feel, and a heavier weight for stability, suitable for use indoors or outside in the wind. Turned from solid maple and laminated for durability, the unique long black slivers of vinyl decoration produce a strobing effect during certain tricks. Priced with one pair of dube handsticks in white or black (white is standard).

273 g (9.6 oz) / 69.2 cm (27.25 in.)

Red, yellow, green, blue or white.

Extra handsticks
Dubé Devil Stick handsticks
Dubé Devil Stick handsticks Dube devil stick handsticks feature high grip silicone tubing over a 7/16 inch wooden dowel, with tubing ends that are cut perfectly level for consistency. The rubbery surface of the silicone tubing provides unbeatable friction against the devil stick, while easily wiping clean and even resists high temperatures for use with fire devil sticks.

Length 50.8 cm (20 in.) / Ø 1.4 cm (.6 in.) / 77 g (2.7 oz)

White or black silicone
$5/single handstick or $10/pair

Dubé FRC core Devil Stick handsticks
Dubé Devil Stick handsticks dube FRC (fiber reinforced composite) devil stick handsticks offer increased durability and control compared to other handsticks. The hollow synthetic core is narrower and lighter, and flexes a little more. Silicone tubing wipes clean easily, and provides superior grip against the center stick. All dube devil stick sets can be upgraded from wood core to any of the six different colors of FRC handsticks for the cost difference.

Length 45.7 cm (18 in.) / Ø 1.2 cm (.5 in.) / 53 g (1.9 oz)

Red, orange, green, blue, purple or black.

$8/single handstick or $16/pair

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