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Serious Juggling RG Balls
Slo-Mo Spinning balls
small slo-mo balls The Slo-Mo ball is a lightweight inflated ball with a thin stretchy skin. The large size is excellent for basic ball spinning, and is easy to learn on. The small size can be used on top of a large for ball on ball spinning.

Small: Ø 23 cm (9 in.)
Red (salmon), orange, yellow, green, blue or lilac.

Large: Ø 38 cm (15 in.)
Yellow, blue, red (salmon)

Rhythmic Gymnastics (RG) balls
RG balls are made for rolling and bouncing, and are quite suitable as spinning and head bounce balls. They are easily gripped, and have a solid, stable weight in order to provide the intricate control needed for rhythmic gymnastics. (RG is an Olympic event, and includes a two club event as well as ball, hoop, ribbon, and rope; in individuals, and groups.)
Serious Juggling RG balls
Due to the large number of color choices please call for availability.
Medium size
Medium RG balls

Medium Pearl RG balls

White, pastel pink, yellow, light yellow, sky blue, lime green, red, mango orange, hot pink, royal blue, purple, black, lilac, aqua,
or pearlized (with same choices as above as well as dark green, silver, raspberry red, turquoise, mauve

Ø between 18-19 cm (7.1-7.5 in.) / 400-410 g (14-14.5 oz)

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